Mobile HQ is proud to be the supplier to a growing list of mobile phone repair business success stories.

A decade-long partnership with Nerdism, Western Australia

 Nerdism is Bunbury’s leading IT store selling computers, phones, digital solutions and support. It has been serving both the retail and business markets for over 10 years – and Mobile HQ has been its trusted supplier since the company was established.

 Although the store only has 4 employees, it completes up to 20-30 mobile repairs a day. Mobile HQ’s ability to provide Nerdism with quality parts fast means Nerdism can keep up with customer demand. Plus, it enables the store to keep its edge over competitors. 

 Chad, the owner of Nerdism, states:

 “The shipping is really quick. They get most things to you within a day or two.

 Last week we rang and told them we had some faulty screens. They didn’t ask to see them – they just swapped them over without question and we had the new screens on our desk the next day. And we’re in Western Australia!

 In terms of repairs, they’ve been really good with parts and always give advice when we need it. In our 10 years we’ve never looked to another supplier because the loyalty is there. Problems are always sorted and all the staff they’ve hired have been confident and easy to deal with.”


Supplying quality parts to All Area Computer Services, South Australia

 All Area Computer Services (AACS) is a reputable mobile phone and computer repairer located in Morphett Vale, Adelaide. Since engaging Mobile HQ for all its mobile parts and accessories in 2011, it has grown as a business and currently employs seven staff.

 Mike, the owner of AACS, strongly believes Mobile HQ has played a key role in the store’s success:

 “Our customers are always happy because the quality of parts is so good. Mobile HQ provides great service too – they are all positive people, respond very quickly, have good warranties and replace parts straightaway.

 We’ve had other suppliers in the past but now we only work with Mobile HQ. We’ve never had any problems with them and will definitely continue to work with them in the future.”


A helpful, upfront business relationship with On Air Mobiles, Queensland

 On Air Mobiles is a small retailer that specialises in mobile phones, accessories and mobile repairs. It has two stores: one in Garden City shopping mall and the other in Grand Plaza shopping mall. In total the company employs around 10 staff.

 Ben is the owner of On Air Mobiles and has solely relied upon Mobile HQ as its supplier since 2010:

 “Working with Mobile HQ is a very comfortable experience. They always do their best to try and help.

 I also like dealing with Mark (from Mobile HQ) because the opinions we share are open and honest. I can tell him how I feel and he takes feedback very seriously.”