Nuglas Premium Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3D Style]

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In stock
Tempered Glass screen protectors, are much stronger than the usual PET type protectors, and effectively protect your screen from direct impacts (Dropping, or directly hitting the screen), by dispersing the shock across the surface of the screen rather than absorbing it. This greatly reduces the chance that your screen will be broken in such an event.
This item comes in Retail Packaging including: cleaning cloth, alcoholic wipe, firm card for smoothing out bubbles, dirt clean film and 1x Nuglas tempered glass screen protector. This item is a 3D style tempered glass protector, meaning it will be curved on the edges and is designed to help wrap around curved lcd screens like those found on Samsung S9 or iPhone X. Nuglas is a premium brand of tempered glass screen protector. Recognized globally for it's high quality, durability and stylish packaging. An ideal product for mobile/tablet repairers to sell as part of their business. Available in both retail packaging or non-retail packaging and for a variety of brand devices. Nuglas - The best in the game. Plastic Screen protectors, are usually made from PET plastic, and apart from protecting the glass from scratches, don’t really offer a lot of protection. Where these screen protectors come in handy is when you’re putting your phone or tablet into a tight fitting case, because they are thin they usually slide in with no issues. Tempered glass screen protectors, offer maximum protection for your screen, and will absorb and disperse the shock of a direct impact to the glass on the screen, often this results in the damage of the screen protector, but it's a lot cheaper to replace the tempered glass screen protector than the display assembly. However Tempered glass will add a few mil to the thickness of your phone or tablet, and when you add your phone to a case, this can be enough to cause it not fit if the case is tight, or if your case goes over the one button, this can cause issues with the usage of the button causing you to have to press extra hard to make it work. Each of these Protectors have their strengths and weaknesses, so it really depends on the application, if your phone is going into a flexible type case then a tempered glass protector is a great choice, however if you’re planning on using a tighter case like a plastic case, or a case that doesn’t have much give in it, then a PET protector would be a better choice.
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