Data Loss

We will treat your data as priceless and always try to avoid data loss. However it is possible that during the process of repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair.

User and/or Device Log-ins and Passwords

Sometimes during repair a factory reset of your device is necessary or unavoidable. Some devices (eg. all Apple devices) may have an activation lock that requires a username and password associated with the device to be entered before the device becomes operational. It is your responsibility to know the correct username and password.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished parts of the same type

This is only when you have either opted for a refurbished part or if a new part is unavailable from the manufacturer and you have agreed to the use of a refurbished part. All refurbished parts carry the same warranty as a new part.

No Warranty on Repairs of Moisture Damaged Phones

If during the repair the technician notices an activated moisture sensor (indicating that at some point the device has been exposed to moisture) the technician will stop the repair immediately. You will then be notified that thee device has been moisture damaged and that there is no warranty on the repair. If you choose to not proceed with the repair you will be charged a $45 ex service fee

Diagnostics Service Fee

All work unless otherwise agreed comes with a $45ex GST diagnostics fee which is waived if a repair proceeds. 

Repaired Devices Will Lose Any IP Water Resistance Rating

While any removed screen gaskets, seals, tapes or adhesives will be replaced with new ones, we cannot guarantee that your device will be water resistant and advise to keep it away from water.

Device Transit

The shipping of devices to MobileHQ is of the sole responsobility of the person sending it in