JC B1 iPhone Battery Tester

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Use the JC B1 Battery tester to diagnose if a battery has been worn out and needs replacing. 

JC B1 Battery Repair Tester works with iPhone 5 to XS Max.

It can check battery data, read, back up, edit and display for manufacture SN, series, capacity & battery healthy status.


  • Online/Offline mode supported
  • Large screen
  • iPhone 5-XS Max supported
  • left and right buttons for language and function switch
  • Real time data read and display
  • Manufacture number, series, capacity read/write/edit

Mode operations:

  • Step 1, Connect JC B1 and power source via lightning cable
  • Step 2, Clip the battery to connect board accordingly
  • Step 3, Battery information will be read automatically
  • Step 4, Left button click to switch functions
  • Step 5, Right button click to do operations of usage counts cleaning, read and write date