Earn easy money for your damaged Mobile Phone Displays.


iPhone & iPad

 A GRADE Payout
(inc GST)


A GRADE Payout
(inc GST)

 iPhone 6


Samsung S8


 iPhone 6 Plus


Samsung S8 Plus


 iPhone 6S


Samsung S9


 iPhone 6S Plus


 Samsung S9 Plus


 iPhone 7


 Samsung S10e


 iPhone 7 Plus


 Samsung S10  $70

iPhone 8


 Samsung S10 Plus  $100

iPhone 8 Plus


 Samsung S10 5G   $100  

iPhone X


 Samsung S20  $50

iPhone XS


 Samsung S20 Plus  $50

iPhone XS Max


 Samsung S20 Ultra  $50

iPhone XR


Samsung S21 $30

iPhone 11


Samsung S21 Plus $30

iPhone 11 Pro


Samsung S21 Ultra $50
iPhone 11 Pro Max


Samsung S22 $50
iPhone 12 Mini


Samsung S22 Plus $50
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro


Samsung S22 Ultra $50
iPhone 12 Pro Max


 Samsung Note 8  $70  

iPhone 13 Mini


  Samsung Note 9    $80    

iPhone 13


  Samsung Note 10   $100  

iPhone 13 Pro


 Samsung Note 10 Plus   $100  

iPhone 13 Pro Max


 Samsung Note 20  $50

iPad Air 2


Samsung Note 20 Ultra  $50

iPad Air 2 W/ Backlight issue



iPad Air 3


 iPad Pro 9.7  $15    
 iPad Pro 10.5  $15    

iPad Mini 4



iPad Mini 5






Want to get the most out of your buy back submission?
Check out our blog post with tips & tricks to get the best payout possible!


 Please Note: We do not accept copy or aftermarket LCD screens.
Pricing for LCD buybacks can change without notice due to market volatility. 
Last Price Update: 21/06/22
Price is subject to change without notice, prices are paid based on the date your buyback arrives at MHQ's location. 






How does the MHQ Mobile Phone Display Buyback Program work?

The MobileHQ screen buy back program is a great way for you to add extra margin to your repairs. 

The process is super easy,

1. Complete the form on this page.
2. Ship back the displays as per the instructions on our buy back page.
3. We will sort, test and report on the outcome. We are only able to accept broken OEM displays, where the touch functionality and display works perfectly. 
4. You will get an email with the detailed report on what passed and your payout figure.
5. This amount is automatically added to your account for you to spend with MobileHQ!

If you need us to return the rejected displays please make sure you select that option in the buy back form. 
We will ship it back with your next order, or can send straight away and remove the shipping costs from your credit. 

We'd be more than happy to provide boxes or shipping connotes to make the process even easier. Just get in touch on 1300 868 486 or [email protected] !


To take advantage of our Buyback program, please follow the steps below:

1. Collect up your damaged displays for buy back - please try and save up more than 10 displays at a time before submitting a Buy back request.

2. Click on the Mobile HQ Buyback online form in your My Account section or use the form below. 

3. Complete the form with all the relevant information.

4. Package all the displays safely into a box (please note, that although the glass is broken, we need to protect the LCD in shipping!) Write the Buy Back ID on the box - the Buy Back ID will be given to you after completing the form and will be included in your confirmation email.

5. If you requested one, wait to receive a con-note from Mobile HQ via email, once received, print out and stick to the box with the displays for Buy Back.
If you do not receive an email with a con-note after requesting one within 24 hours, please contact us on [email protected] or 1300 868 486.

6. Drop off at your nearest Australia Post outlet

*Mobile HQ reserves the right at its discretion to reject any or all displays sent back for Buy Back for any particular reason deemed necessary by Mobile HQ.
* Any displays rejected can either be returned to the customer (with next order placed, or by itself, postage costs would apply), or disposed of by Mobile HQ free of charge.
* Payments are only made upon inspection and acceptance by Mobile HQ Buy Back staff.
* Mobile HQ reserves the right to decline the right to send a con-note depending on the quantity of displays being sent for Buy Back.
* Mobile HQ only buys original displays with 100% working LCD and touch components.