Buy Back Form Submitted


Thanks so much for submitting a buy back, we love it when you make money from broken displays!

What's next you ask? Check out the next steps below:

1. Package all the displays safely into a box (please note, that although the glass is broken, we need to protect the LCD in shipping!) 
Please write the Buy Back ID on the box to help speed up the process when it arrives. 

2. If you need a shipping label, follow this link to create and print one:
Please note: We reserve the right to charge you for this freight if less than 10 screens are being sent for buy back. 

3. Deliver your package to your closest Auspost outlet.

4. Wait patiently for MobileHQ’s Buy Back team to assess your displays and respond with a final pay-out figure.
You will receive an email when the package has arrived and then again when we've completed testing them!

5. Continue to collect damaged displays and send them back for cold hard cash!
If there are any questions that you may have, please get in touch!