B2B Repairs

Sick of turning away mobile phone, tablet, laptop or smart device repairs?

We're proud to introduce the MobileHQ B2B repair service perfect for stores that have valuble clientel but not the resources to provide repairs for particular devices or issues. 

MobileHQ's B2B repair service gives you the flexibility, trancparency and confidence to be able to help your customers with all of their needs.

Some of the most popular repairs we can help with:

Mobile Phones Tablets Laptops Consoles Other
Screen Replacement Screen Replacement Screen Replacement Hard Drive / CD Drive GoPro
Battery Replacement Battery Replacement Battery Replacement Controller Batteries Smart Watches
Charge Ports Charge Ports Charge Ports Cable Ports (HDMI etc)  
Speakers & Microphones Flex Cables Keyboards    

Track and manage communication between us and your staff!

You will get your own portal where you can log, track and communicate with us on all of your repairs repairs.

Quick and easy customer quoting!

With our easy to use quoting system you and your staff can easily work out the minimum you should quote your customer to avoid under charging or delays having to manually check with us.

*Price for illustration purposes only

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