2-Power Universal In-Car 90W Adapter

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In stock

2-Power Universal In-Car 90W Adapter is the perfect way to keep your device powered up when on the road!

This kit comes with tips to cover 80% of the laptops on the market.

Looking to help even more people with extra tips? Always have the 2-Power Tip Expansion Box on hand with 34 extra tips! 


Warranty 1 Year            
Role of product in providing mains power Car cord , Allows a portable device to plug into a car cigarette socket
Area device may be used DC , Low voltage DC input        
Voltage 12 V            
Weight 60 g            
Dimensions 67 mm x 53 mm x 18 mm        
Shape Button            
No of Pins 247            
Charger Battery Ports 0            
Brand Name This is a 2-Power branded product.